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Everyone makes mistakes.


Organisations and health systems are designed to avoid errors causing adverse outcomes for patients. 

When the margin for error is crossed unnecessary harm occurs. 

Court dismisses IVF negligence case

The women went to Doctor Sydney Robert Armellin for IVF treatment in 2003, but two embryos were implanted instead of one, resulting in the birth of twin girls.

The court heard evidence that the birth of the twins had a dramatic impact on the couple's careers and relationship.

They sued Dr Armellin, seeking $400,000 in compensation to cover the cost of raising one of their twin girls.

Surgeon sued over woman's 'near death'

A Canberra woman is suing her surgeon, claiming she almost bled to death during an operation at John James Hospital.

The woman suffered "torrential bleeding" during an operation to remove her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries in 2009.

Court documents say she was given about six litres of blood during a life-saving procedure to repair a major vein.

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