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We have rights from birth which are basic and cannot be taken away. 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been the source and inspiration for Australian laws to protect dignity and inclusivity.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart invites us to walk together.

Ex-police officers accused of torture


THE Commonwealth of Australia and two former police officers have been accused of torturing citizens and breaking human rights law in what could prove a landmark class action filed in the ACT Supreme Court.

A Canberra law firm has lodged unprecedented claims of negligence, systemic abuse and police misconduct on behalf of eight clients sprayed with capsicum foam in separate incidents at Canberra city watch-house in 2006.

Call for police in 'torture' case to attend Perth healing ceremony

A Nyoongah man who alleges he was tortured by police has invited the Commonwealth and his two attackers to take part in a traditional Aboriginal healing ceremony.


David Helmhout was one of eight men repeatedly sprayed with capsicum foam by two Australian Federal Police officers after being detained at the ACT Watch House for being intoxicated in 2006.

Branded a criminal

A Canberra woman was plunged into a ''Kafka-esque'' nightmare of unemployment, anxiety and paranoia after ACT Policing wrongly branded her a criminal, according to her lawyers.

In a case that earned the police force a sharp rebuke from the Privacy

Commissioner, Leah Jane Houstein spent months trying to clear her name after her identity was used as an alias by a criminal offender.

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