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The profound impact of child sexual abuse has been told and heard. 

Recognition of the hurt and injury has strengthened our laws to cause Court influenced outcomes. 

Compensation from those responsible for abuse is better than the cushion of their sympathy. 

We are an Australian law firm working locally and internationally to help victims of church abuse get compensation. It is our specialty. If you have been abused by a member of the church in Australia or overseas, no matter where you live now, we want to listen to your story or to find out if we can assist you. 

Canberra law firm seeking increased damages for abuse victims


A CANBERRA-based legal firm is calling for Bathurst victims who alleged child abuse at the hands of Vincentian priests to come forward with the view of bringing a new case for damages.

Investigation turns to regional Western Australia to reveal full extent of child abuse

The horrific crimes of paedophile priest, Denis McAlinden, are being investigated in regional Western Australia by lawyers committed to revealing the full extent of his abuse of young children.

Wickham witnesses sought for priest’s abuse

Late Catholic priest Denis McAlinden, who died in 2005, was found by a 2014 NSW Government inquiry to have been a serial abuser of girls aged 7-12 during five decades of work in various parts of Australia and the Pacific, often on loan from the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle where superiors knew of his offending.

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