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Damages today are rarely paid by the actual wrongdoer. 

"For one cause of action you must recover all damages incident to it by law, once and for ever"

No award of damages can ever be perfect, but fairness requires the amount to be full. 

Canberra teen left with brain damage after crash awarded $18.3 million compo

A Canberra teenager has won $18.3 million compensation after she suffered a "severe penetrating traumatic brain injury" after timber planks "speared" through a car window and into her head in a traffic accident.

Construction worker wins $1.9M in compensation for back-breaking fall at Nishi work site

A Canberra worker has won $1.9 million in compensation after he broke his back when he fell five metres into a shaft during construction of the Nishi building.

Legal action launched after crematorium allegedly exhumed ashes

A Canberra woman who claims her mother's remains were desecrated by staff at a northside crematorium has launched legal action.

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