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121 children. 121 victims.

A class action pursuing compensation for 121 children who were wrongfully imprisoned.


Follow the journey of those victims who were detained in adult prisons as children. 

About Ali

Mr Ali Yasmin, with Ken Cush & Associates, has brought a class action against the Commonwealth of Australia. 

Mr Yasmin alleges that he was a child under 18 years' old when he arrived in Australia on a people-smuggling boat in 2009. Australian government agencies performed a wrist

x-ray on him, which they used to say that he was an adult. They then detained him in an adult prison.

Mr Yasmin claims that the Australian government knew that the wrist x-ray process was unreliable, and that the Australian government should have assessed his age properly which would have determined that he was, in fact, under the age of 18. He also says the Australian government should have removed him back to Indonesia as soon as possible.


Mr Yasmin alleges negligence, racial discrimination and wrongful imprisonment by the Australian government.

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Contacting the administrator for compensation

Silakan kirim Whatsapp ke administrator untuk informasi tentang compensasi

The administrator of the settlement distribution scheme, Mark Barrow, can be contacted via WhatsApp on +61 420 808 466.


Silakan kirim Whatsapp ke administrator, Pak Mark Barrow (+61 420 808 466) untuk informasi tentang compensasi.

You can also contact our incredible staff members Syarif (+62 812 463 041 43) and Munir (+62 822 361 082 61) via WhatsApp, who can assist with any communications with the firm. 

Anda bisa kirim teks staf Pak Mark, Kakak Syarif (+62 812 463 041 43) atau Kakak Munir (+62 822 361 082 61) pada WhatsApp. Mereka bisa membantu dengan komunikasi apa-apa kepada kantor pengacara Ken Cush dan partner. 

Syarif, Munir and Toni - KCA scouts and interpreters

(L-R: Syarif, Munir and Dominikus Kopong Toni Aman SE.,MM)

'Children jailed as adults' seek justice


"There were mistakes made at every level of bureaucracy from the time boys like Ali Jasmin were found out at sea. Australia flouted every consideration that should have been applied to the boys. The Migration Act states explicitly that minors will be sent back to their country of origin. This is what should have happened, but because of ineptitude and ingrained attitudes that saw documentation and its collection system not being good enough, because it was from 'over there', and an x-ray system that relies on outdated, culturally inappropriate methodology, under-age boys were unlawfully kept in prison. This is discriminatory, smacks of imperialist ideology, violates numerous areas of human rights, and makes a mockery of the country that supposedly believes in a fair go."

Extract from Jo Tuscano.


“I think it would be fair to say that, in a lot of instances, they’re still confused about why they ended up where they did, and why they were treated the way they were.” 

Sam Tierney in  The Guardian  2018. 

'Children jailed as adults' seek justice
'Children jailed as adults' seek justice

121 children. 121 victims.

The class action statement of claim has been filed in Federal Court of Australia.

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